Various Artists - Big: The Musical (Original UK Cast Recording)

Big: The Musical (Original UK Cast Recording)

Various Artists

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Various Artists - Big: The Musical (Original UK Cast Recording)

Based on the hit 1988 film, Big the Musical features songs by David Shire (music) and Richard Maltby, (lyrics) with a book by John Weidman. Direction & choreography by Morgan Young. BIG, the heart-warming and hilarious Broadway musical based on the classic movie starring Tom Hanks, tells the story of Josh Baskin, a twelve year old boy who hates being little, until one night at the carnival the mysterious Zoltar machine grants his
wish to be big. Trapped in an adult’s body and alone in New York, he innocently tries to find his way around a grown-up world where it’s all work and no play. But whilst everyone around him tries to act their age, Josh just can't help being himself. Maybe he can teach the real adults a thing or two…
Starring Jay McGuiness, Jessica Martin, Diana Vickers and Gary Wilmot.


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  1. Jacob Smith - Prologue / Can’t Wait
  2. Jacob Smith - Talk to Her / Carnival
  3. Jessica Martin - Say Good Morning to Mom
  4. Jay McGuiness - This Isn’t Me
  5. Charlie Barnard - You’re a Big Boy Now / I Wanna Go Home
  6. Jay McGuiness - Time of Your Life / Fun
  7. Vicki Davids - Welcome to Macmillan Toys
  8. Diana Vickers - My Secretary’s in Love
  9. Diana Vickers - Let's Not Move Too Fast / Do You Wanna Play Games
  10. Jay McGuiness - Stars
  11. Diana Vickers - Little Susan Lawrence
  12. Jay McGuiness - Cross the Line
  13. Charlie Barnard - It’s Time
  14. Jessica Martin - Stop Time
  15. Gary Wilmot - The Nightmare
  16. Diana Vickers - Dancing All the time / I Want to Know
  17. Jay McGuiness - Coffee Black
  18. Katy Osborne - The Real Thing
  19. Jay McGuiness - When You’re Big
  20. Diana Vickers - We’re Gonna Be Fine
  21. Big Original UK Cast - Cross the Line - Reprise