Martin Phipps - Brighton Rock

Brighton Rock

Martin Phipps

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Martin Phipps - Brighton Rock

From the award winning composer Martin Phipps, best known for his BBC period dramas North and South, Elizabeth - The Virgin Queen, and films Harry Brown and Endgame, comes a dark orchestral score to director Rowan Joffe’s bold adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel.

This remarkable score is perhaps best described as a film noir flavoured large orchestral score, interspersed with gritty 60s jazz drumming. The vocals are performed by The Brighton Youth Festival Choir and the BBC singers.

The score also features the beautiful Richard Hawley ballad, written and performed by him, ‘There’s A Storm A’Comin’, which plays over the end credits.


"A splendidly bombastic score from Martin Phipps adds to a sense of operatic majesty"
- The Guardian

"Phipps has created a fantastic, enveloping score, suitably dark and threatening"
- BBC Online

Instead of plastering his Graham Greene adap with vintage hits, director Rowan Joffe opts for an orchestral noir score with religious overtones. The result is a moody listen, with choir singers bringing an operatic edge to Phipps’ darkly melodic compositions and jazz inflections tipping the wink to the ‘60s setting. Richard Hawley rounds off with ‘There’s A Storm A’Comin’, a ballad that begins like a love song then builds with electric guitars. If only the movie had been as good.

- Total Film 4*


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  1. Martin Phipps - Bilious Hooligan
  2. Martin Phipps - Brighton 1964
  3. Martin Phipps - No Ring
  4. Martin Phipps - Pinkie Brown
  5. Martin Phipps - A Stiff Drive
  6. Martin Phipps - Colleoni's Brown
  7. Martin Phipps - Bogeys
  8. Martin Phipps - Ida
  9. Martin Phipps - Lovely Pint
  10. Martin Phipps - Spicer
  11. Martin Phipps - Uno Satanum
  12. Martin Phipps - You
  13. Martin Phipps - Tonight, Together
  14. Martin Phipps - Anything For You
  15. Martin Phipps - Rose Wilson
  16. Richard Hawley - There's A Storm A'Comin'