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Mychael Danna

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Mychael Danna - Chloe

Mychael Danna’s rich evocative score to Atom Egoyan’s sexually charged melodrama

Director Atom Egoyan’s “composer of choice”, Mychael Danna has penned the music for a number of Egoyan’s films - Exotica, The Sweet Hereafter, Felicia’s Journey, Ararat, Adoration and in Chloe, they successfully team up again. Starring Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson, this cleverly constructed film manages to bring together all ingredients of a potential hit while remaining true to Egoyan’s style.

Screen Daily comments: “In the early stages of the story, Egoyan does flavour the film with a sense of intrigue and mystery that Hitchcock brought to such late career masterpieces as Vertigo and Marnie. The comparison is underlined by the lush, Bernard Herrman-style score from Mychael Danna”.

Recently released Mychael Danna scores on Silva Screen include The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Little Miss Sunshine.

Mychael Danna has been at the vanguard of film scoring for over 20 years and his easily recognisable sound combines non-Western sound sources with orchestral and electronic minimalism. Danna has also scored films for acclaimed directors such as Ang Lee, Scott Hicks, Mira Nair and Joel Schumacher and his previous scores include The Ice Storm, Vanity Fair, 8MM, Capote, Monsoon Wedding, The Nativity Story and The Time Traveler’s Wife.


"Danna’s score is filled with longing and desire, but from a safe distance. It also boasts a couple of thrilling Hitchcockian moments when things take a turn for the worse. Nicely done."


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  1. Mychael Danna - In My Line of Business
  2. Mychael Danna - People Like You
  3. Mychael Danna - Chardonnay
  4. Mychael Danna - When Did We Stop?
  5. Mychael Danna - I Felt Him
  6. Mychael Danna - Shower
  7. Mychael Danna - You Look Just Like Her
  8. Mychael Danna - Windsor Arms
  9. Mychael Danna - The First Time
  10. Mychael Danna - Conservatory
  11. Mychael Danna - Touch You
  12. Mychael Danna - Have This
  13. Mychael Danna - Waiting Room
  14. Mychael Danna - Do You Want to Count It?
  15. Mychael Danna - Don't Want This to Be Over
  16. Mychael Danna - Told You Not to Call
  17. Mychael Danna - She Was Nobody
  18. Mychael Danna - This Person
  19. Mychael Danna - Your Parent's Room