Sarah Warne - Dark Money (Original Television Soundtrack)

Dark Money (Original Television Soundtrack)

Sarah Warne

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Sarah Warne - Dark Money (Original Television Soundtrack)

Sarah Warne’s soundtrack to the gritty 4-part BBC drama series written by Levi David Addai
(Damilola, Our Loved Boy, Youngers and My Murder), and starring Rebecca Front, Babou
Ceesay, Max Fincham.
Delving into the corrupting influence of empty celebrity and effects of the aftermath of child
abuse and non-disclosure agreements rippling through the family, the psychological
nuances of Dark Money are aptly supported by Sarah Warne’s soundtrack. Moving through
gently pulsating soundscapes, punctuated by swelling piano and floating string fragments,
Sarah Warne’s score provides both counterpoint to Addai’s heart-wrenching story and
space for it to unravel. Set against the backdrop of a mixed race marriage and Hollywood
power, the first episode of this timely story was aired on BBC1 on 9th July.
Sarah is a Film and Arts Composer and multi-instrumentalist based in London. Sarah is a
graduate of Oxford University, The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and The National
Film and Television School (MA Composing). Sarah has a love for narrative and drama so
story-telling is always at the core of the music she creates. Sarah trained as a classical
harpist and pianist, and as a composer she specialises in the blending of acoustic
instruments with unique electronic signatures. Sarah’s recent work includes BAFTA
nominated documentary series Catching a Killer (C4), drama series HUMANS (Season 2 and
3, C4), Prey (ITV), The Treasures of Ancient Greece (BBC 4).


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  1. Sarah Warne - In Deep Waters
  2. Sarah Warne - Blade
  3. Sarah Warne - What is This?
  4. Sarah Warne - Searching on Jotham
  5. Sarah Warne - Please Be Specific
  6. Sarah Warne - Go Upstairs
  7. Sarah Warne - You Can Talk To Me
  8. Sarah Warne - Plagued By Thoughts
  9. Sarah Warne - Bare Lies
  10. Sarah Warne - Parts of Us Fall Apart
  11. Sarah Warne - You’re Not Alone
  12. Sarah Warne - That Was A Mistake
  13. Sarah Warne - Where’s Isaac?
  14. Sarah Warne - Telling Lies and Family Photos
  15. Sarah Warne - I’m Lost
  16. Sarah Warne - In Deeper Waters
  17. Sarah Warne - Live A Lie
  18. Sarah Warne - Confession Time
  19. Sarah Warne - Us
  20. Sarah Warne - To The Grave
  21. Sarah Warne - We Can’t Hang Out No More
  22. Sarah Warne - Everyone Knows
  23. Sarah Warne - What Have You Done?
  24. Sarah Warne - Dark Money
  25. Sarah Warne - Did You Cheat On Me?
  26. Sarah Warne - It’s Not Your Fault
  27. Sarah Warne - I Love You
  28. Sarah Warne - Atonement on 24
  29. Sarah Warne - We Were Wrong
  30. Sarah Warne - Proud of You