Debbie Wiseman - Debbie Wiseman Live at the Barbican

Debbie Wiseman Live at the Barbican

Debbie Wiseman

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Debbie Wiseman - Debbie Wiseman Live at the Barbican

As part of Barbican’s Contemporary Music Concerts series, in January 2016 The Orchestra of the Guildhall School performed in a retrospective concert of composer Debbie Wiseman’s film, TV and concert work. Silva Screen will release this concert, Live At The Barbican, digitally on March 24th. It features a wide selection of Debbie’s most acclaimed film and TV compositions including Wolf Hall, Flood, Wilde and Arsene Lupin.


“[Debbie Wiseman’s] melodies are wonderfully constructed and exquisitely orchestrated, they linger long in one’s memory and not only hauntingly beautiful but fit each and every project she works on like the proverbial glove. The composer is conducting the Guildhall School Orchestra on this occasion and the performance is in my humble opinion flawless and inspiring.”
“…this is an album that you should have in your collection, it contains some of the best film and TV music ever written…” - Movie Music International

“Equally comfortable with small ensembles or huge orchestras, intimate dramas, comedies, historical action adventures, or wildly inappropriate sexy horror films, Wiseman is a composer who can turn her hand to any genre she sees fit with equal success across the board… the music is sensational…”
“I simply cannot express strongly enough what a wonderful composer Debbie Wiseman is: she excels at action, luxuriates in romance, and puts the vast majority of her contemporaries to shame with her thematic prowess, dramatic sensitivity, and mastery (mistressy?) of the orchestra.” - Movie Music UK


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  1. Debbie Wiseman - Wilde West (From "Wilde")
  2. Debbie Wiseman - Wilde (From "Wilde")
  3. Debbie Wiseman - Tom's Midnight Garden (From "Tom's Midnight Garden")
  4. Debbie Wiseman - Wolf Hall (From "Wolf Hall")
  5. Debbie Wiseman - The Truth About Love (From "The Truth About Love")
  6. Debbie Wiseman - Flood (From "Flood")
  7. Debbie Wiseman - Lesbian Vampire Killers (From "Lesbian Vampire Killers")
  8. Debbie Wiseman - A Poet in New York (From "A Poet In New York")
  9. Debbie Wiseman - Haunted (From "Haunted")
  10. Debbie Wiseman - Father Brown (From "Father Brown")
  11. Debbie Wiseman - The Whale (From "The Whale")
  12. Debbie Wiseman - Arsene Lupin Suite 1st movement (From "Arsene Lupin")
  13. Debbie Wiseman - Arsene Lupin Suite 2nd movement (From "Arsene Lupin")
  14. Debbie Wiseman - Arsene Lupin Suite 3rd movement (From "Arsene Lupin")
  15. Debbie Wiseman - Arsene Lupin Suite 4th movement (From "Arsene Lupin")
  16. Debbie Wiseman - Jubilee Gigue (From "The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant")