Toydrum - Deep Water (Original Television Soundtrack)

Deep Water (Original Television Soundtrack)


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CD Album 30 tracks £8.99 Available 20 September 2019

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Toydrum - Deep Water (Original Television Soundtrack)

Multi-award winning actresses Anna Friel, Sinead Keenan and Rosalind Eleazar star in the gripping, emotional thriller, Deep Water. Set against the beautiful and imposing backdrop of the Lake District, the series is written by BAFTA-nominated Anna Symon (Indian Summers, Mrs Wilson) and adapted from the Windermere series of novels by critically-acclaimed author Paula Daly.
Toydrum are a Brighton based electronic music duo formed in 2013 by Pablo Clements and James Griffith. The pair met in 2007 when they were both recruited for UNKLE for live and in the studio work. Clements and Griffith both instantly clicked and knew they had something special. After they exited UNKLE they decided to build a studio on the Brighton seafront. Recent scores from them include London Fields, Detour, Future World and Prevenge, the latter featuring on a number of end of year lists for score of the year.

Also including the track "Static", a collaboration with singer/songwriter Beth Orton


CD Album (SILCD1608)
  1. Toydrum - A Nameless Stream (Boat Intro)
  2. Beth Orton and Toydrum - Static
  3. Toydrum - Roz Piano Theme
  4. Toydrum - Nothing’s As It Seems
  5. Toydrum - Hollow Sound Of The Fall (Lisa Piano)
  6. Toydrum - Deep Water
  7. Toydrum - Chorus of Voices (Scott & Rozz pt. 1)
  8. Toydrum - Alone In My Head
  9. Toydrum - The Pulsing Current (WTF Is Up With Lucinda?)
  10. Toydrum - Lakeside Drive
  11. Toydrum - Leaping at Clouds
  12. Toydrum - Devil’s in the Detail
  13. Toydrum - Lucinda Where Are You
  14. Toydrum - Frantic Move (Lisa Guilt)
  15. Toydrum - Frozen in Silence (Lisa & Jo Full)
  16. Toydrum - Relapse
  17. Toydrum - Hollow Sound of the Falls (The Fireworks)
  18. Toydrum - The Darkness in the Mirror
  19. Toydrum - Dark Water
  20. Toydrum - Chorus of Voices (Roz & Scott Full)
  21. Toydrum - Never Fixed
  22. Toydrum - Come to the Edge
  23. Toydrum - A Lost Love (Joanne Theme)
  24. Toydrum - Frozen in Silence (Kate & Jo pt.2)
  25. Toydrum - Seizure
  26. Toydrum - Alone in My Head pt.2
  27. Toydrum - Hiding Beneath (Guy & Joanne)
  28. Toydrum - A Nameless Stream (Boathouse Full) / Lucinda Where Are You? (String Version)
  29. Toydrum - Kate Come Home
  30. Toydrum - Distance Between the Dreams (The End)