Flowers II

Flowers II

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Flowers II - CD


Flowers II

The critically acclaimed Flowers unfurls for a second series, this time set in the bloom of summer.
Will Sharpe’s darkly imaginative, heartfelt and cinematic "Flowers" sees the return of the well-meaning Deborah (Olivia Colman), her depressive husband Maurice (Julian Barratt), their maladjusted adult twin children Amy and Donald and the rest of this dysfunctional ensemble, including the eternally optimistic Shun (played by Sharpe), the Japanese illustrator of Maurice's children's books who lodges with the family. Joining the cast is Harriet Walter as Hylda (former addict, now Amy's girlfriend and slightly unconventional priest).
To accompany the new series, Silva Screen records brings you composer and recording artist Arthur Sharpe’s unique and beautiful soundtrack.

Track Listing:

1 The Passage
2 Summer Flowers
3 Baumgaertner
4 Plodding Shadows
5 Die Auserwählte
6 Summer Flowers ii
7 Omsk - Draft 17 (for Mum)
8 A Cursèd Household
9 The Baumgaertner Trick
10 The Crumbling
11 Hammer & Tongs
12 The Same Blood
13 The Curse
14 Living with the Devil
15 Shun's Clearing
16 Blooms
17 Heathen's Wood
18 Oh Tomorrow

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