Rael Jones - Harlots (Original Television Soundtrack)

Harlots (Original Television Soundtrack)

Rael Jones

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Rael Jones - Harlots (Original Television Soundtrack)

Digital album release of Rael Jones’s bold and anachronistic soundtrack to Harlots, ITV’s 8-part series set in the 18th Century brothels of London. The soundtrack mixes electronica and stoner rock genres, underpinning the story and reflecting the experiences and rebellious nature of the women depicted in the programme.

Described by Hollywood Reporter as “intriguingly unique”, this period drama with a contemporary twist was entirely written, directed and produced entirely by women. The show was inspired by a book called Harris’s List of Convent Garden Ladies, a Yellow Pages-style directory that featured a list of prostitutes, their ages, price and sexual perversions.

Harlots is airing on ITV Encore, the network’s channel dedicated to drama and stars Samantha Morton (Fantastic Beasts, Rillington Place, The Last Panthers, Minority Report, Cider with Rosie), Lesley Manville (Mum, River, Maleficent) and Jessica Brown Findlay (Victor Frankenstein, The Outcast, Downton Abbey).

Rael Jones is a classically trained composer and Multi-Instrumentalist. His writing stems from improvisation and live performance, and he is a highly accomplished player of many instruments - Piano, Guitars, Drums, Autoharp and Musical Saw. Rael regularly tours as a guitarist with Guillemots front man Fyfe Dangerfield, as well as with his own band Thumpermonkey.

Rael’s film and TV credits include My Cousin Rachel, Suite Française, Supersonic (the feature documentary about the band Oasis), NW (the TV adaptation of Zadie Smith’s NW), the coming-of- age drama Kids In Love and the feature documentary Still The Enemy Within. As orchestrator, music producer, music editor and programmer Rael has worked on film adaptation of Les Misérables, Steve Jobs, The Danish Girl, Alan Partridge, The Inbetweeners Movie.


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  1. Rael Jones - Harlots - Opening Titles
  2. Rael Jones - Sexual Vocation
  3. Rael Jones - Tricorne
  4. Rael Jones - Walk Like a Parrot
  5. Rael Jones - The Vilest Sin
  6. Rael Jones - Coitus Interruptus
  7. Rael Jones - Emily Clucks Off
  8. Rael Jones - Sealed Bids
  9. Rael Jones - Wealth Will Make You Free
  10. Rael Jones - The City is Made of Our Flesh
  11. Rael Jones - Following the Drum - Episode 1 End Credits
  12. Rael Jones - Previously on Harlots
  13. Rael Jones - Life of Depravity
  14. Rael Jones - This Is My Home
  15. Rael Jones - Mary's Funeral
  16. Rael Jones - Stand Off - Episode 2 End Credits
  17. Rael Jones - Handsome Lucy
  18. Rael Jones - Our Little Doll
  19. Rael Jones - Hunt for a Little Beast
  20. Rael Jones - Torment Waiting
  21. Rael Jones - Lie Still
  22. Rael Jones - Mr Osborne
  23. Rael Jones - Never to Return
  24. Rael Jones - Missing an Organ
  25. Rael Jones - Lascivious Display
  26. Rael Jones - Lucy Out of Place
  27. Rael Jones - 15 Years
  28. Rael Jones - Master of Music - Episode 4 End Credits
  29. Rael Jones - Funky Goat
  30. Rael Jones - Lydia Lashes Out
  31. Rael Jones - Duchess of Quim
  32. Rael Jones - Bad Form
  33. Rael Jones - Final Escape - Episode 5 End Credits
  34. Rael Jones - We Want Cunny
  35. Rael Jones - My Loyalty To You
  36. Rael Jones - For Her Children
  37. Rael Jones - Balm for Sore Spirits
  38. Rael Jones - A Fine Night
  39. Rael Jones - Mayfly
  40. Rael Jones - Cast Downstream
  41. Rael Jones - Fopdoodle - Episode 6 End Credits
  42. Rael Jones - Body on the Bank
  43. Rael Jones - Death March
  44. Rael Jones - Cock Warts
  45. Rael Jones - Love's Not a Sin
  46. Rael Jones - Broken Water
  47. Rael Jones - Contractions - Episode 7 End Credits
  48. Rael Jones - She's A Beauty
  49. Rael Jones - Recompense
  50. Rael Jones - Double Quigley
  51. Rael Jones - The City Is Still Made Of Our Flesh
  52. Rael Jones - Crawl Your Way Up - Episode 8 End Credits
  53. Rael Jones - Marie-Louise's Lullaby
  54. Rael Jones - Harlots - Opening Titles (30 Second Version)