Dominik Scherrer - Ripper Street (Original Television Soundtrack)

Ripper Street (Original Television Soundtrack)

Dominik Scherrer

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Dominik Scherrer - Ripper Street (Original Television Soundtrack)

Bringing late 19th century Victorian Whitechapel to life with stunning historic sets and topline actors (Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn, MyAnna Buring), police drama Ripper Street was an immediate success on its TV debut in 2012. Despite being axed by the BBC after series two a Radio Times poll revealed it as Britain's most popular TV show of 2013 ahead of Doctor Who, Broadchurch and Breaking Bad. Taken up by Amazon Prime Instant Video the third series will make a terrestrial debut later this year. British Swiss composer Dominik Scherrer has an extensive list of TV and film composition credits that include Scenes Of A Sexual Nature, Inspector George Gently, Agatha Christie's Miss Marple and The Missing. His music perfectly conjures up the world of East London from over a century ago with its detailed collection of musical sounds that can range from a mandola to a Norwegian Hardanger fiddle. He received the ultimate accolade for any composer in 2014 when his score for Ripper Street won the much coveted Ivor Novello Award for Best Television Soundtrack.


“Another stunning aspect to this episode was Dominic Sherrer’s score, perfectly underpinning the rollercoastering emotions throughout... Often suspenseful, sometimes elegiac and reflective, it became a key element in this episode, ramping up the tension when required.” - Den Of Geek


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  1. Dominik Scherrer - Ripper Street
  2. Dominik Scherrer - In My Protection
  3. Dominik Scherrer - The Good of This City
  4. Dominik Scherrer - The Toff
  5. Dominik Scherrer - Tournament of Shadows
  6. Dominik Scherrer - I Need Light
  7. Dominik Scherrer - The Weight of One Man's Heart
  8. Dominik Scherrer - Telegraph
  9. Dominik Scherrer - A Man of My Company
  10. Dominik Scherrer - What Use Our Work
  11. Dominik Scherrer - The Amorality of the Mob
  12. Dominik Scherrer - Become Man
  13. Dominik Scherrer - Pure as the Driven
  14. Dominik Scherrer - The Judge Stink
  15. Dominik Scherrer - Eight Little Whores
  16. Dominik Scherrer - Blewett's Pavilion of Varieties
  17. Dominik Scherrer - Threads of Silk and Gold
  18. Dominik Scherrer - Whitechapel Terminus
  19. Dominik Scherrer - The Beating of Her Wings
  20. Dominik Scherrer - Your Father, My Friend
  21. Dominik Scherrer - Ashes and Diamonds
  22. Dominik Scherrer - Heavy Boots
  23. Dominik Scherrer - Live Free, Live True